Finding Bruno …

I came to Rome partly because of Bruno

Reading about the magnificent souls of the Italian Renaissance I chanced upon the story of Giordano Bruno, a great genius beyond his time. He had the knowledge of a sage and the fiery blood of an Italian.  He had a big mouth and no fear.  He was on a self styled mission to spread knowledge and empower people. These were the “sins” for which he was tortured and killed, for which a great light was snuffed out and a brave life sacrificed.  I cried when I read about what happened to Bruno.  The crying came from deep within and from a long time ago.  I cried for Bruno and I cried for all the other great souls, known and unknown, who have tried to educate themselves and to educate others; and I decided to go and see his statue.

It stands in the Campo Di Fiori, not far from my lodgings.

But Bruno led me on a merry dance and it was two days before I found him.

He lead me down little lanes and across fantastic squares, past ornate statues, palaces and many beautiful shops, along the river and back again, and via some yummy restaurants.  I listened to beautiful music (none of the buskers here are ‘average’ musicians), ate lots of gelati, drank lots of prosecco, had conversations with friendly people, watched a man sewing a carpet, a woman painting watercolour, many passers by wearing different types of fashion, and quite a variety of beautiful dogs being walked by their owners (it is fitting that there are so many well-kept dogs here because in mythology Rome was founded by an orphan that was suckled by a she-wolf).

In my fancy Bruno took me by the arm and gave me a rambling tour of the old city.   That is why I did not find his statue till the very last minute because afterwards I was so overwhelmed that I went straight home via a shoe shop.

There was a farmer’s market on in the Campo Di Fiori today which was being packed up when I arrived. As each table was removed the rubbish and detrus of the market was exposed, mainly in the form of smashed and trampled fruit everywhere.  Pigeons and seagulls whirled overhead whilst stall holders yelled ‘attention’ as they wheeled away large barrows of folded up tables and goods so that people would get out of their way.

I noticed something different at Bruno’s statue.  Fresh flowers tucked into the moulded wreath at the front. I am so glad someone put them there.   I was reminded of a beautiful friend who is a music teacher.  While travelling through Vienna she became so overwhelmed at the enormity of the effect Beethoven’s music had upon her life that she bought a huge bunch of chrysanthemums and took them to his grave.  My heart is glad that today someone brought flowers for Bruno. In fact he is surrounded by flowers in the form of florist shops. We don’t know if he admired flowers in real life but here in the Campo Di Fiori his statue looks down upon them daily.

Here he is ….


Now that I know where he ‘lives’ I might go back tomorrow

Another reason I came to Rome was to admire the work of Bernini, a tortured genius whose marble sculptures are famous and who designed the incredible St Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. Now that I have found Bruno is have two days left in which to find and admire the works of Bernini … starting with the Borghese

Meanwhile here are some photos from Rome



I don’t know what that beautiful instrument is called but if I could get it home safely I would think about it ….

Bruno made me buy an antique vase I spotted in a window. The shop owner was very nice and told me lots of things about the making and decorating of the vase.  I asked if it were made in Italy and to my surprise he says no, in England.  I bought it anyway as it was piece that sang to me and reminded me of a chalice, it seemed fitting in a way since England is where the grail legends come from.  Soon afterwards I stopped at a restaurant in the courtyard which is the second last photo and as I settled back with a glass of prosecco a road sign in the far wall caught my eye.  I kid you not, it said ” Via Lancellott” … is that not a reference to Sir Lancelot of the grail legends?

I love life and all the little precious things that happen in a day xxx


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