Photos from the Camargue

I have wifi … !!! (do a little dance) …  I have added a few photos to the last post about St Sara (and fixed a few typos) and including here  some more photos from the Camargue region in Southern France.


These are the only pink flamingoes I saw close enough to photograph



A shop window which sums up the themes of the Camargue.

the symbol of the heart-cross-anchor is the official symbol of the region of Camargue


Here is St Sara in the crypt of the church, and some other church-ey photos including of the skinny spiral staircase to the roof


Here are some scenes from the shops in town, which are so colourful and fun and have such a relaxed atmosphere



It was such a liberating feeling and fulfilment of a childhood dream to go riding through the marshes and waterways of the Camargue on a beautiful white horse.  I was so happy.  This is the sort of place where you could stay awhile and let the world go by.

My horse was called Nestor … but by the end he was renamed Mr Farty Pants.

I laughed and laughed so hard there were a few times I almost fell off.

It was for all the world like trotting around on a whoopee cushion.

Hasnt he got a handsome face?

He really was a good horse actually …















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