Arles and Avignon

Two of the great cities of Provence.

Arles is not pronounced “aaarles” … as in rhymes with “darls ….”

Aussies take note, the French throw the letters of the alphabet lazily around the backs of their throats and let them purr there until they evaporate …

“Ahhrrrlll-eh ”

Try and say it

You emphasise the first letters, slightly say the second last ‘e’, and don’t say the ‘s’

They have a big cathedral there and a colosseum.  Arles was under Roman rule like much of this area.   I get interested in art and architecture but know that many people dread being dragged through the ‘ABC tour’ of Europe (ie, another bl**dy cathedral / castle ) so being selective with photos … let me know if you are interested in seeing more of anything

Purrrrrr like a lazy lion … ( the French love lions )


The Roman goddess Minerva 


Remember ‘ the Maries ‘ … here she is the Highest Mary of all …and the child she brought forth changed the world 


At the colosseum of Arles, the gladiators were heroes (our guide told us) loved and lauded like the sports stars of today 


Still can’t figure out selfies, but for all its faults this one looks pretty cool with the sunlight streaming into my wine 


More lions

Postcards of traditional Arlesiennes (women from Arles)

in Avignon we went to the famous “pont” and learned that many generations of Popes lived there (in a big castle … not on the pont which is broken now).  “Pont” means bridge and the one in Avignon was so famous it has a song about it …. ‘sur Le pont d’Avignon …’ which you may have learned as we did in school

Enter a caption
Popes palace in Avignon 
Mermaid at the Popes palace 


Still working on selfies (nothing much else to do while waiting for them to open the creperie), should have brushed my hair first 


sur Le pont … 
Statue sur Le pont 

Not going to say if we danced sur le pont …


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