Swimming with dolphins in Bimini -and other in between travels

Here are some photos and short captions from travels in between.  Soon I head off to a new desitination and I hope that when I get there I will be able to write again.

Meanwhile in September 2015 a friend and I went to Chartres cathedral in France.  It was the dark Madonna lured me there.   Here she is in her crypt ‘ sous terre ‘. I am not a big fan of underground-ey-things but I felt calm in there. I loved the decorations on the walls and the lighting and the Madonna statue I found to be very silent and dignified.  I did not have an overwhelming experience like in Loretto – here it was more serene.  Perhaps something to do with French cognac …

the  cathedral is built over a site more ancient, a sacred spring, which is still there, now made into a well within the crypt



Then off to celebrate my dad’s birthday in Scotland with friends and one of his favourite things, Scotch whiskey

Just before I left I was given some ‘ practise pipes ‘ he had made while working with some South American musicians who were teaching him how to make them.  I like the practise ones because they are made with bits of things from around the house.  They are not pipes by Scottish definition – more Andean. I can’t play them but I took them anyway.  Here they are at the the fairy pools on the Isle of Skye and Staffa island in the Hebrides


In may 2016 I went swimmingly with wild dolphins off the little island of Bimini in the Bahamas.  The water there is like crystal blue glass it is so clean and the area is protected from large waves and currents by the positioning of the islands so the waters are very calm and flat and ideal for swimming.

The company was called Wildquest and you will find them on Google as well a short on YouTube as they produce gorgeous footage of swimmingly with the dolphins so you can watch and feel like you are there.  This particular trip was in conjunction with Robbyne and White Wolf Journeys.

I was not confident swimming in the open ocean, regardless that it was flat and safe, and the staff were so caring and helpful and genuine and they swam with me without making me feel like an idiot until the very last day by which I had plucked up the courage and went in by myself.  But because of them I got to swim all the other days as well instead of staying in the boat.

We went out on the boat five days in a row and swam with dolphins every day. We also snorkelled along the Bimini Road which is an underwater archeological site currently causing arguments because it was apparently built before humans were ‘ smart enough ‘ to build roads.

We stayed in the Wildquest accomodation on the island which was simple but cheery and clean and the food really fresh and delicious. We were looked after so well. The only things we had to do was decide what we wanted for lunch each day and pack our own lunch box and help with the dishes twice.  And not forget sunscreen.  What a holiday. They say the sound the dolphins emit through the water is very healing and I certainly feel a new lease of life after going there.

here are some pictures including some cool shots taken of framed photographs reflecting the room in the background


the under water photos were not taken by me

Soon I head off on more travels








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