Introduction – Black Dove and Magnolia

Years ago I started travelling.

Before then I couldn’t.

No time. No money.

Then the day came and off I went.

My family and friends wanted to hear from me.  I used to slowly type out little updates on my phone and email them home.  People began to forward the emails to each other and soon I received requests from others ‘please add me to the list’.  So a trend developed and each time I set off on a new adventure I would send stories back home.

It was good fun.

One day my father vanished through the portal of time – propelled by a massive heart attack.  We all suffered but he didn’t.  He looked peaceful, and so not-dead, I found myself frantically explaining to the undertaker that he was only sleeping.  Only later I realised the humour of this, how reminiscent of the ‘dead parrot’ skit from his beloved Monty Python. He would have laughed and laughed.

Afterwards I felt ill at the idea of sending travel emails back home because he was not sitting at the computer reading them.   So I was silent for awhile.

Today I decided to try again.

Why is this blog called ‘Black Dove and Magnolia’?

I don’t know.

Maybe I will find out one day.

But what I will do first is find as many of the old emails as I can and put them on this blog. This is a nod to my dad.   He revealed once, by accident, that he was saving all my travel emails to publish one day so that everyone could read them.


9 October 2016, Australia

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